Teo Bichinashvili

Freelance graphic designer& illustration/2D animator in 2011 graduated faculty of Fine Arts in Tbilissi State Academy of Arts. Took Master in Cultural Researches. Olso graduated IT academy ITVET as a computer graphics and 3D animation. Participated various group exhibitions. Made solo projects: an occurance (mail art in Tbilissi) and diploma work OVERLAP (interactive installation).



Christine Blankenfeld

Tine studied sociology and political science in Stuttgart. She holds a leading position in a municipal institution that advises urban administrations in matters of social inclusion of the elderly and people with special needs. Tine is a founding member of the citizens’ initiative „Die Stadtisten“ and has since been active in Stuttgart’s urban governance.
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Ulrika Bohnet

As artist and ethnologist Ulrika is interested in field work in the everyday as well as the exotic. She makes mappings of visible and invisible landscapes and their inhabitants. To document these examinations she works with performance, textile collages, sound montages and drawing as a nomadic medium in an ever changing world. Since 2008 she exhibited in a number of museums in Germany and in Russia.



 Heiko Fischer

„Heiks“ studied at Dartington College of Arts, UK. Writing has been at the centre of his artistic practice – as author of a performance company or in image/text work. He is interested in questions of space, place and culture and considers documentary drawing not only as a basic cultural skill but also as a means of social interaction. He manages the local „Urban Sketching“ group in Stuttgart.
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 Mariam Giguashvili

Freelance graphic designer / Illustrator; Graduated from the faculty of Architecture at the Technical University; Master’s degree in media architecture from the Weimar Bauhaus University. Loves drawing, especially buildings and urban space; has been a member, however not so active, of since 2012.



 Karin Hinterleitner

Karin’s artistic practice focuses on print and web design. Since her studies in the early nineties in Stuttgart and Brussels she is interested in user exeperiences and the experience of space. She deals with strategies of appropriation of – usually urban – space in works on paper, digital media, film and audio as well as in installations and interventions.



Vato Jorkoshvili

A painter/graphic designer; Studied Arts at Tbilisi State University for the Masters degree. Interested in civil and social topics with creative approach.
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Tamar Khmiadashvili

2006-2010 Tbilisi State Academy of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts; 2010-2013 – Tbilisi State; Academy of Fine Arts, Master course in Visual Art; Currently working in painting and other media.



David Kukhalashvili

David graduated from art school in the city of Kutaisi; 2005-2009 Tbilisi State Academy of Art, by the rector´s personal decision was not given the diploma. Since 2010 participates in group exhibitions. Solo exhibitions: popiashvili Gvaberidze Window project, Exhibition „the city“ at Gallery „Academy+“ 2014; In 2014 was invited to participate in the Art Residence: LIA in Leipzig.



 Lele Maisuradze

First year degree student at Fine Art Academy.




Masho Margishvili

2007-2009 – Kutateladzis Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts, Art History, Restoration, Conservation (2007-2008)/Media arts (2008-2009); 2009-2012 – Vilnius Academy of Arts (VDA; Vilniaus Dailes Akademija); Industrial design department. Founder and designer / illustrator of Masholand Freelancer graphic, interior and furniture designer.




Barbara Schönian

Barbara studied social pedagogy and art in Stuttgart with a focus on painting and glass design. Ever since she has designed glass installations for public and private buildings. She has widely exhibited drawings, paintings and installations in Germany and abroad. Barbara has been organizing community art events and is busy at moment setting up an artists’ exchange programme with Russia.



Martin Zentner

Martin studied graphic design in Stuttgart and held lectures on perspective in drawing. After graduation he worked as an editor in chief for a design magazine. Since 2008 he runs his own business as a communication designer. Martin also works as an artist combining illustration, text and conceptual art. In 2013 he co-founded a local political party for Stuttgart with the aim to reclaim the city for its citizens. Out of this the idea was born to start a local chapter of urban sketchers, which he founded with Heiko in 2014.

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