Index – Soviet Modernist Architecture of Tbilisi – Film and presentation

Ana Chorgolashvili
Since 2013 she has worked on the project “Index” (photo/video documentation of the soviet Architectural heritage in Georgia).

Ana works as an architecture researcher, documentary photographer, video artist and graphic designer. She is involved in various local and international art projects and exhibitions.  Ana was working at the CCA (centre of contemporary art Tbilisi) where she realized project “Memory”. In 2014 Her video works were included in the Georgian video archive. In 2015 Ana presented her video and graphic works (postcards) at the exhibition “ Spontaneous Frameworks” which took a place in Leipzig. 2015.Ana is a member of Tbilisi based art organization “CAMPUS”. In 2015 in collaboration with “The book art center” Ana published an experimental guide book “Soviet Modernist Architecture of Tbilisi”.


A Photo Archive of  Soviet Architecture

Further Index Films:

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