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STUSK Sketchcrawl Georgia 2016

„we live in clothes, we live in rooms, we live in buildings, we live in cities“ – Antony Gormley

Urban Sketchers are a world wide community of people interested in documentary drawing, especially in urban spaces. „We show the world one drawing at a time“ is their mission statement.

On a visit to Georgia in May 2015 members of STUSK had the opportunity to present the projects of the urban sketching community of Stuttgart and it’s wider political context at the Goethe Institute in Tbilisi. This sparked off an inspiring dialogue with local activists on questions of urban development. In May 2016 we would like to continue this dialogue involving an exchange of people and ideas between Stuttgart and Tbilisi. With a focus on urban sketching and its potential for political activism – especially community building in urban areas.

We will set up a laboratory of documentary sketching and discussing issues around urban development, civil societies and participatory processes. This website is to document the process and our findings.

STUSK – Stuttgart Urban Sketchers: Christine Blankenfeld, Ulrike Bohnet, Heiko Fischer, Karin Hinterleitner, Barbara Schönian, Martin Zentner and Georgian Artists: Mariam Giguashvili, Vato Jorkoshvili, Tamuna Khmiadashvili, David Kukhalashvili, Lele Maisuradze and Masho Margishvili invite you for urban sketching sessions in Bolnisi, Kazreti and Tbilisi.

Join Urban Sketchers and draw your own city. Urban Sketching Forum/Sessions are open for everyone regardless the profession. All sketch crawls announced in the Facebook Group Urban Sketches Georgia


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